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The MO-CEC Business Award 2021-2022

The MO-CEC Business Award was established in 2007 to recognize a business or corporation that has promoted and provided for the enhancement and employment of individuals with exceptionalities in order to promote and support their full participation in the community. The MO-CEC Business Award recipients will receive a commemorative plaque.

Nominee criteria:

  • Must be a for-profit business or corporation
  • May be a private or public business or corporation of any size
  • The efforts of the business or corporation being recognized must be consistent with MO-CEC’s mission statement as described in the constitution.
  • Businesses whose primary purpose is providing services to individuals with disabilities are not eligible. Each (eligible) chapter or subdivision of MO-CEC may nominate one (1) business or corporation for the award annually by submitting to the chairperson of the awards committee the following:
    1. completed MO-CEC demographic information awards form;
    2. a letter of nomination from an eligible chapter or subdivision;
    3. one to three letters of recommendation documenting the nominee’s efforts in meeting the criteria for the award.

The nomination packet should extol the business’s or corporation’s programs that provide opportunities for individuals with exceptionalities rather than the person behind the business’s or corporation’s effort.

Please use this Google Form to submit award nominee information. Supplementary materials and questions can be submitted to Dawnielle Baker:

Last Updated:  2 February, 2021

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