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The Partner in Education Award 2021-2022

This award, established by MO-CEC in 1995, is presented to an outstanding individual who has collaborated significantly within the field of special education in the State of Missouri. Awards can be given annually to one early intervention/pre-school educator, one elementary educator, and one secondary educator for their exemplary practice of integrating and including students with disabilities.

The nominees for the Missouri CEC Partners in Education Award must meet the following criteria:

  1. hold current certification in the field of education within the State of Missouri
  2. maintain current employment in an educational setting in the State of Missouri
  3. demonstrate minimum five years of experience in an educational setting in the field of certification
  4. demonstrate ways they make students with disabilities feel welcome, successful and an integral part of their classrooms through one or more of the following:
    1. provide curriculum and classroom environmental adaptations and/or modifications;
    2. take the initiative in seeking quality programming which will include ALL students in the classroom;
    3. Exhibit exemplary and innovative performance over a period of time of integrating students with disabilities.
  5. The following information must be submitted to the Missouri CEC Awards Committee: Each chapter & subdivision in MO-CEC may nominate one (1) person for each category of the award annually by submitting to the chairperson of the awards committee the following:
    1. completed MO-CEC demographic information awards form
    2. a letter of nomination addressing the criteria from a CEC chapter or subdivision which includes a written description of no more than three (3) typewritten pages of the outstanding professional contributions of the nominee in integrating students with and without disabilities
    3. letter/s of recommendation from each any of the following:
      • a principal or other administrator,
      • a special educator, and
      • a parent of a student with disabilities.
    4. vita/resume of the nominee

Please use this Google Form to submit award nominee information. Supplementary materials and questions can be submitted to Dawnielle Baker:

Last Updated:  16 December, 2021

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